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    Advertising has changed

    We've been seeing car ads for over 100 years now. Shiny Cadillacs, dynamically curved Jaguars and muscle cars with smoking tires. Endearing FIATjes and Ugly Ducks, decent Opels, richly equipped cheap Korean. We've seen it all pass by. In the beginning it was all black and white. And the pictures were often drawn. Car advertising has evolved a lot over the years thanks to imaginative, and sometimes ineffective, creative techniques. Sea

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    Other times: The brochures and advertisements

    We live in a time when much is no longer allowed or done. Black Petes are no longer allowed. Apparently topless tanning is over too. The comics of the Doorzon family and Harry from The Hague have meanwhile been widely supported, until at least declared undesirable ideas. And use feminine beauty as a bait in brochures and advertisements […] Sea

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    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated. Behind the Iron Curtain they also figured it out: “Sex Sells”. Well, in the net then. The approach behind that approach must have been global: The dork thinks he will get the girl when he buys the car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment. Whether marketers have ever calculated how much more car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment there are […] Sea

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    A box of Alfa Folders ...

    One of our readers - A Ford and Duck Driver Hans Beltman - received the message from a friend of an acquaintance who wanted to give up a lot of Alfa leaflets.

    He had calculated himself pleasantly rich after Internet research and noticed that everything you learn on the Internet does not have to be true.

    The box is now wholly or partly for adoption on the basis of reasonable negotiations.

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    Suppose you are in possession of a classic but you still miss the original brochure that you may also call a brochure? No worries. Via the American website you can order them. Sea