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  • Rover P5B Coupé
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    Rover P5B Coupé. Pioneer position

    Today, name a car within the exclusive 4-door coupé segment and the first thing that comes to mind is the Mercedes-Benz CLS, a BMW 6 Gran Coupé or the Audi A7. The niche market has been around for some time, to be precise from 1962, when the Rover P5B Coupé introduced. It may well be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. That is why we are pleased that Bart Spijker was happy to participate in a report. Because he has the Rover P5B Coupé. Right, the one with the famous and extremely strong Rover V8 engine. It was an impressive experience, accompanied by special stories. Sea

  • VW Bus - the Tiki bus

    VW bus

    The VW bus idea came from our own Ben Pon, who took inspiration from a Beetle-based vehicle for internal company transport. The Beetles were for Volkswagen 'Type 1'. So the vans based on the idea of ​​the enterprising Dutch VW importer Pon became 'Type 2'. The bus also brought the Americans to […] Sea

  • Renault Relay

    Renault Relay, multifunctional use

    Finding beautiful classics with the Renault logo is still possible, especially now that almost every mobile phone has a camera on board to capture it. The registration number of this Renault Estafette bears the date 3-3-1978 as the first ascription. And that is already 42 years ago. By: Dirk de […] Sea

  • Subaru Mini Jumbo front

    Subaru Mini Jumbo. Who does not honor the small

    Long before it became the name of the now very successful supermarket chain, Subaru introduced the Subaru Mini Jumbo in the Netherlands in 1982. The car was based on the Subaru Rex that was delivered in Japan. And that was also supplied as a 4WD suitcase. The model was equipped with a 665 cm3 two-cylinder in-line engine with 37 […] Sea

  • Ford F3

    Ford F3, charming appearance

    Classic cars will always be an interesting topic of conversation. This rusty brown Ford F3 Pickup of the first series can be seen next to a shed on a busy industrial estate. The result is that classic enthusiasts stop for a while, and perhaps give an opinion on the condition of the Ford. By: Dirk de Jong The wonderful world of junk and […] Sea

  • Kawasaki G7 front edge

    Kawasaki G7, size matters

    In all photo books about The Most Beautiful Classics of All Time, we always find the same legendary motorcycles. They are picture books about the highlights of the motorcycle industry, the most expensive and heaviest machines of their time. Machines that were inaccessible to most people even then. But what about machines like the Kawasaki G7 in this […] Sea

  • empty Volvo Amazon combi roads

    Electric Volvo Amazon combi - design battery bins

    Due to the long restoration of two years, better parts were available and I decided to continue with batteries from a Tesla Model S. The location for the controller had already been determined and it was on the right side. Then initially borrowed a battery module to test fit. In the […] Sea

  • motorcycle clothing

    Waterproof motorcycle clothing

    Motorcycle clothing is something that has evolved more over the past fifty years than humans have since Neanderthal. Until the XNUMXs, a long leather jacket - when 'leather' was still real 'leather' and oversized leather mittens were still top of the bill. Because leather was not waterproof - 'leather' is now '- people thought […] Sea

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