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  • DAF camper

    DAF camper, is it time to say goodbye?

    It will not be long before this DAF camper will be anchored deep into the earth, the elements have had free rein for years. The owner may see this unique DAF as a storage type, but for us it is a sad sight. It goes without saying that after so many years in the same place, the DAF with the self-build caravan is slowly merging into […] Sea

  • Opel Rekord

    Opel Rekord from 1964 ... Hopeless wreck?

    Finding a classic car in a world of junk and rust? That is hardly possible anymore, and yet you sometimes get a tip and go for it. For example, this' 64er Opel Rekord was found at a trade in scrap metals, and it is old, the Opel is more than 50 years old. In […] Sea

  • Authi 1300

    Authi 1300: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    What do you do if you want to sit outside in Spain, comfortably, in the shade and you still have an Authi 1300? Well, then you cut it in half and park it in your garden. An Authi? Yes Sir, an Authi. Authi - where the letters stand for Automobives de Turismo Hispano Ingleses - was […] Sea

  • Matra Bagheera

    Matra Bagheera: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    A GPS system is a revelation, not only that addresses are found flawlessly, but that the route often takes the smallest roads, even sandy paths. All this at the command of a sweetly colored ladies' voice. And so we drove towards the autumn of 2016 in France on a forest path where suddenly the scene depicted here appeared. […] Sea

  • Mini Clubman Estate

    Mini Clubman Estate - Just picking up?

    Looking at the pictures will also convince you that you will not make it with just 'tapping' at this Mini Clubman Estate. For decades, the cart, dating from 1973, stood in a small garden some 15 kilometers from Newmarket in the County of Suffolk. Enjoying his 'Old Day', surrounded by […] Sea

  • Jaguar S-type
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    Jaguar S-type 3.8 Liter 1966

    When you see this Jaguar S-type 3.8 Liter from 1966, tears come to your eyes. After a carburettor fire, the Noble Roofkat (for punishment?) Had to spend at least three decades outside in the open air. Nature had taken care of it. The owner of this fine property passed away, the heirs wanted to […] Sea

  • Austin A55 Cambridge

    Austin A55 Cambridge: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    Spinning through the British countryside, on a so-called 'gravel road' near the British Wareham, County Dorset, the Austin A55 Cambridge was discovered. Looks like an object dating from around 1957? An elderly accidental passer-by who was walking his dog reported that this Cambridge had been there for a little more than a few days […] Sea

  • MG Magnette

    MG Magnette: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    If you have immersed yourself a bit in the classic world, you will probably have learned that the MG Magnette ZA and ZB is developing nicely in terms of price. That's because they liked to be 'scrapped' in the decades behind us to supply parts for something like an MG MGA. Little […] Sea

  • Ford F250

    Ford F250 4 × 4: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    In our working life we ​​have already encountered a lot of special things. And those finds are usually shared with you. However, every time you continue to be amazed how it could have come this far. This is also the case for 'the find' in Pluckley, England, in the County of Kent. A - left hand drive - manual (linked to a 6 cylinder engine) […] Sea

  • MG Midget

    Where to start MG Midget

    The enthusiasm (perhaps ignited by third parties) to restore a classic yourself can hurt you. That happened recently with an MG enthusiast in the British West Drayton, County Middlesex who saw an MG Midget. Despite the correct description as being 'a restoration object' and sufficient photos on which the condition of the vehicle is clearly visible […] Sea

  • Citroën HY

    Citroën HY: Verkeerd Afgelopen?

    It must now also be clear to you that the Citroën HY / HZ is enjoying increasing interest. And not only in classic enthusiast circles. Even in his old age, a 'chip wagon' like that still has to work for it. Indeed, still as a mobile chip shop. Prices are now skyrocketing. A spotless, immediately usable copy is […] Sea

  • in


    A few years ago 'your' spent Auto Motor Klassiek extensive attention to an Arkley. A polyester kit with which an Austin-Healey Sprite or an MG Midget could be made into a kind of 'baby Morgan'. An invention of the - now late - John Britten. In Arkley Indeed, he was a dealer of Morgan and established […] Sea

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