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    Love driving. Have a nice long weekend

    Sometimes you, as an editor and enthusiast, are right on target. Take this past weekend. Photographer Spijker and I are making a report with two DAF 66 derivatives: a 1300 Marathon Coupé and a Volvo 66 GL Combi. On Sunday I ride with a friend's new acquisition: the BMW 318i Touring […] Sea

  • DAF 66SL (1974)

    DAF 66 SL (1974). Adventure in Lapland

    For Joris van Nispen, Volvo is the beloved car brand. Maybe that's because he has a place of refuge in Sweden. His holiday home there also a 'home' to enjoy the little pleasures of life and sometimes also keep life in balance due to his busy work in the Netherlands. Joris bought a DAF 66 SL from […] Sea

  • VOLVO 66DL (1979)

    VOLVO 66 (1979). Hobby car from DAF enthusiast Tom Nauta

    It is beyond dispute that Tom is a fan of our Dutch passenger car. His car life started with a Daffodil. Then a DAF 33 and two station wagons of the type 55. The DAF passenger cars were produced until 1975, after which the Swedish Volvo took over the passenger car division and the DAF 66 became Volvo 66 with the necessary modifications. Sea

  • DAF 66

    DAF 66. Our national pride

    Sometimes you come into contact with people who enthusiastically tell about their experiences with a special car. Despite its condition, this DAF 66 from 1974 still conveys a sense of romance in the childhood memory of G. van der Ploeg. By: Dirk de Jong This owner was previously a garage owner and presented the […] Sea