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    Cabriolet cleaning and polishing

    Cleaning and polishing convertible windows. It's a job that many convertible drivers run into. The plastic of such a window turns yellow, ages and gets scratched. And of course replacing (of the entire hood) is an option. But cleaning with an agent like Meguiars - PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish is still possible […] Sea

  • Stitching carbo hood

    Let him choke: the carbriokap

    It is spring. But it is quite wet. And not really warm either… So the carbrio stays inside or they drive outside with the hoods closed. And convertible tops also deserve maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning, the stitching also requires attention. That stitching is very easy to check: just go over the stitching with your nails […] Sea

  • Convertible top

    Convertible top in the car wash: don't!

    Fortunately, the Netherlands has overcome their initial fear and enthusiasts are again buying classics. A new enthusiast asked if he could get his classic convertible through the car wash. We say: Don't. Certainly not when the convertible top has a plastic rear window. By the way, the hood itself is not fond of these kinds of modernities. Wash the hood, […] Sea