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    Collect… And sell - column

    Villager Titia told me while dog walking that her son had bought a motorcycle. A Moto Guzzi. With a man under the rivers. And that man had many more motorcycles. Sheds full. Sea

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    Classics from a legacy. Part 2

    A collection of classics that has been built up over thirty or even fifty years ... It can be impressive. And largely 'invisible'. We know of a collector who has 94 antique bicycles that his wife knows nothing about. A now XNUMX-year-old widow knew that her husband had a few old motorcycles and the car in which they were married […] Sea

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    Classics from a legacy

    Peter Koelewijn already sang it: “You are getting older daddy”. And with aging you can go on for a long time. Until you no longer get older, but are deceased. Ai… That doesn't sound like a happy start. But you don't always have to go through life laughing. Sometimes a little reflection is nice. And that […] Sea

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    Motorcyclists. The eternal life

    When we look in our respective mirrors? Then we see young gods steaming with energy. Why the rest of the world is getting older? No idea. In any case, it is true that there is currently a nice group of motorcycle enthusiasts that are getting older, playing in injury time or, let's just put it […] Sea

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    The definition of a classic ...

    “What my father / grandfather or the doctor drove or what I dreamed of as a child”. Or of course: priceless objects that you can only dream about. Or "Something very expensive to show the world how successful I am." But then of course we are not talking about fanciers ... There is an interesting trend going on: Lovers [...] Sea

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    Another unique find

    And again not in the South of France, Guatemala or Zimbabwe. But in the Netherlands. We are still going to be real bounty hunters! So keep an eye on the AMKs in the kiosk. Sea

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    At 530 km from Paris…

    A collection of neglected classics. In the Netherlands. And the owner wants to make room in his yard and between his ears ... Soon in AutoMotorKlassiek Sea