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  • Citroën Type H 1961

    Citroën Type H. Nothing was impossible.

    De Citroën Type H was the legendary delivery van of Citroën and made use of many existing and already proven Citroëncomponents. The Type H was presented in 1947 as the successor to the front-wheel drive – and developed with the Traction Avant among other things – TUB. Sea

  • Citroën D.S. Pallas (1973)

    Citroën D.S. Pallas (1973). The most beautiful model in car history for Jan.

    A clearly recognizable thread runs through the life of Jan van der Heide, in which he wanted to be his own boss and therefore independent. It started for him at the age of 16, when he was employed by the milkman. He later became the owner of a mobile shop that became a household name in the village. When he got the chance to take over the SPAR shop in the village, it was his next successful mission. Why this view of his business activities? This because he showed the same decisiveness in a search for his ultimate car: a Citroën DS.  Sea

  • Citroën GS (1972)

    Citroën GS (1972) by Sipke van der Kooi. Streamlined nostalgia.

    Sipke van der Kooi's heart beats faster when he sees transport from the past passing by during his daily work. He is an entrepreneur who sells seafood in various places in Northeast Friesland with his fish cart. Sometimes special conversations arise with other enthusiasts. And that's how he came to the Citroën GS from this article. Sea

  • Citroën 2 CV (AZ) 1959

    Citroën 2 CV (AZ) 1959 from Sipke & Joyce. Quirky car

    That the Citroën 2 CV for Sipke and Joyce is an emotional product becomes clear after their story about this special duck from France, which was given the name Jean-Claude. A conversation with these citrophils was a piece of pure positive energy. You are carried away by their enthusiasm, and this French voiture also has a story. A story about attachment to Citroën, of people who are physically and mentally fit, and yet have a deviation: The love for the 'Double Chevron'  Sea

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    Citroën Mehari for the terrain. The 4×4.

    In the spring of 1979, as the popular Citroën Mehari has been around for eleven years, the French have come up with a surprising addition to the modest equipment program. Citroën the Citroën Mehari 4×4 to be announced. The quat quat will be available from October 1979 and will be built until 1984. Sea

  • Citroen GS 1220 Club 1973 1

    Citroën GS 1220 Club (1973). Unconditional loyalty of two enthusiasts. 

    And you don't only see that loyalty with the beautiful and special Citroën GS, but also at the wedding of their French family friend, a sheep herder of the French breed Briard named: Roos. They are all three passionate Citroëndrivers and before it was purchased 23 years (!) ago, the family already had a bright yellow 1979 GSX. That was their first car and they have been driving it for years. 'Une vehicle excellence'.  Sea

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    SM for advanced

    Countless jokes must have been made about that: SM as in Sadomasochism. A kick to open goal. Because the Citroëns with their Maserati engines were quite characterful. They asked the hand of very good mechanics and enthusiastic drivers. History records that the members of the Moluccan band 'Massada' were SM enthusiasts. They knew that the expensive-sounding rattle in the block was often quite harmless and bought their SMs for change. Johan Cruijff also drove one and they were there Citroën on the Amsterdam Stadionweg very happy with it. Sea

  • Citroen BX Sport 1986. The real iconic Flodder BX 1

    Citroën BX Sports (1986). The real iconic 'Flodder' BX 

    The chance that you have a Citroen BX Sport in everyday traffic is getting smaller and smaller. It's actually a bit of nostalgia. The BX models made for peak performance – such as the GT and the Sport – have become rare. It is a high-profile youngtimer, and this very fine and comfortable, reasonably modern car has not yet been forgotten.  Sea

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    Citroën Visa. The BNR podcast and the atmosphere of a real strong holder

    During episode 186 of BNR Petrolheads it was discussed again: the Citroën Visa. Carlo Brantsen and Bas van Werven paid attention to the fun Citroën and the trigger was the car memory. For this regular section of the entertaining car podcast, listeners send in beautiful car-related stories that are alternately presented by Brantsen and Van Werven. Sea

  • Citroën Ami Super

    Citroën Ami Super. A surprising one Citroën from the seventies.

    In 1973 saw a true bridge within it Citroëngamma the light of life. It is an Ami with a four-cylinder boxer engine. The novice is a godsend for Citroën. The history of this "performance Ami" originated from the fact that the GS introduced by 1970 from its makers was given an engine that was found to be too light. Citroën developed […] Sea

  • Citroën Acadian (1980)

    Citroën Acadiane (1980): A worthy delivery van for Jan Gerrit. 

    What inspired Jan Gerrit to buy a classic French car where the rust devil has been more than active? The bottom is now as crispy as a pizza and the sheet metal of the small van also deserves the necessary attention. And that while in the Netherlands you can still buy a good MOT approved Acadiane, with which you can hit the road right away.  Sea

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