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    Chevrolet Nova: Memories

    It was 1990, and an acquaintance of a friend of a colleague was building a 650 hp Chevy Malibu. The costs of that project got out of hand. That's why his Nova had to go. Shortly afterwards, the Malibu project also had to go. Because the brave Willie Wortel who worked in the field, put so much working time into his project that his employer gave him much more time for it. He became unemployed. Sea

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    Heart transplants: Factory original or original?

    Heart Transplants: Factory Original or Original? No wars have been fought about that yet. But many enthusiasts spontaneously get flakes between their fingers when a completely different engine is spooned into a classic. Incidentally, that is an action that has been used to upgrade USA six-seater to V8 machines for years. And there […] Sea