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    A happy marriage

    And that it is also a business-based marriage? That is only good. Carla Paumen and Adelbert Engler first found and got to know each other in the business field. Getting to know that turned into sincere love back and forth. Carla is the owner of Autostoffering Carla in Geleen and has been known for years for her work […] Sea

  • Rik Ringers in a Facel Vega

    A Facel on the cover

    Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet) is a detective comic series about the eponymous main character of screenwriter André-Paul Duchâteau and draftsman Tibet (Gilbert Gascard). The core of almost all episodes is a (often supernatural) crime and the related reason for crime reporter Rik Ringers to investigate the mystery. He is assisted in this by Commissioner Baardemakers Sea

  • model of a Lancia Aurelia

    So 'figurines' ...

    Comic characters, movie heroes and preconditions: there are all 'dolls'. And those dolls are called 'figurines'. The spectrum runs from Betty Boop to Hellboy and Captain Haddock.

    This phenomenon is endearing to the extent that there are also figurines linked to classic cars. Or classic comics, such as those by Michel Vaillant. We found them in the shop in the very nice Comic Strip Museum in Brussels.

    By the way, comic shops are the most common place to find this kind of manure. Sea