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    BMW K1. Dream bike or nightmare?

    BMW made 'old cock engines'. That was clearly the perception of the more dynamic motorcyclists after the arrival of the large, fast Japanese four-cylinder. But sturdy blond techies with square foreheads above their blue eyes can of course also go crazy. Also at BMW. If you just give them the chance. So the BMW K1. Sea

  • BMW 1502

    BMW 1502. Restrained farewell to an era.

    In August 1975 BMW presented its 3-series. It marked a new step in the luxury small middle class segment. Its predecessor, the BMW -02 series, had been important for the Bavarian manufacturer in this specific market area. The arrival of the newcomer did not mean the final goodbye to the -02 series. Because the BMW 1975 introduced in January 1502 was allowed to keep the honor of the -02 series high for a few more years.

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    BMW Isetta. A unique and beloved dwarf car.

    In 1955, a special car model debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. That model would become one of the most famous dwarf cars in history: the BMW Isetta. It caused a stir, just like the combination with the large V8 models from BMW. The construction with special deviating track widths and the fully hinged front end – which […] Sea

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    BMW 3200CS. Rare beauty.

    At the IAA 1961 in Frankfurt, BMW – in the shadow of the Neue Klasse – presents the BMW 3200 CS. The belated successor to the 503 Coupé will be built from 1962 to 1965. The last BMW without a self-supporting body is actually a co-production. The bodywork is produced at Bertone in Italy […] Sea

  • Grinnall Scorpion 3 1997 1

    Grinnall Scorpion 3 (1997) by Bart. An impressive tricycle. 

    Bart is a man with a real car driver's heart, as an enthusiast he gets together with his friends every week, chatting with each other while enjoying coffee about the car / motorcycle hobby. It is a lively social network in which everyone shares the same passion. He can still be captivated by his shiny object, the Grinnall Scorpion, which he got himself from England at the time and has now reached the age of 24.  Sea

  • There's already a new one for that

    Bad luck – column

    It's outdated, but I almost always stop in front of people (M/F or whatever) with bad luck. Except for lease knights and princesses. Because they have a structural mobility guarantee. Sea

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    BMW 700. The most important car in the history of the brand

    In the 1950s, BMW faced many financial problems. It struggled with a completely incoherent model range. That included the Isetta and the V8 models (BMW 501 / 502). There was a gap between these model generations. While BMW made every effort in 1959 to keep Daimler-Benz out of doors, it was surprising with the arrival of the BMW 700. The model became an extremely important car in the history of BMW. Sea

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    Life as in a reality show – column

    Once, a long time ago… Then there was the ANWB magazine Promotor. In the early days, the promoter had a pleasant, uninhibited, somewhat alert approach. The construction of the PromotorMotor fitted in with this. That was a fixer-upper bought on the Vehikel, a sloppy XS650. I was allowed to do the renovation completely to my own taste. Sea

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    The birth of a classic

    When Honda started making 'mopeds', the British Builders raised an eyebrow a bit annoyed: “Weird guys, those Japanese. But luckily everyone sees that it is nothing and will become nothing.” Sea

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    Love driving. Have a nice long weekend

    Sometimes you, as an editor and enthusiast, are right on target. Take this past weekend. Photographer Spijker and I are making a report with two DAF 66 derivatives: a 1300 Marathon Coupé and a Volvo 66 GL Combi. On Sunday I ride with a friend's new acquisition: the BMW 318i Touring […] Sea

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    A bastard BMW

    Classic BMW drivers have a strong preference for originality. When Theo Terwel restored his BMW R68, the highlight of the search for original parts was the discovery of the original key for the lid of the tank compartment. Those are the details that appreciate a classic BMW for the pure enthusiasts / connoisseurs of the brand. Sea

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