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    Barn Finds: Treasure or Scrap?

    It's probably an age thing. But the number of barn finds is rising almost faster than our pride in Max. Max can go along for a long time. However, the barn finds are often the legacy of people who have stopped going. Here in the east people say about a deceased “Ie is uut de tit”. He is […] Sea

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    Barn finds… A look back

    According to stories you will find finds in distant lands under warm suns in forgotten barns. We have often talked about the fact that there is also enough beautiful things to be found in our own country. And we came across proof of that again last week. Sea

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    1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. What a great find. Part 2

    In March of this year I received a nice offer following an advertisement in Germany. A 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. A car that was originally delivered in the Netherlands in 1957, from first owner, stainless and stored since 1985. Now part 2 of the series. Sea

  • Moto Guzzi V7 Special

    A Moto Guzzi V7: The Find

    A Moto Guzzi V7: The Find. That was once the name of a free advertising newspaper. Just like the once famous ViaVia. Victims of the digital revolution. Yet people continue to make discoveries. And often these are not really spontaneous finds, but finds via the social network of Real People who, while enjoying a […] Sea

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    Everywhere, in all barns ...

    The modern motorbike market is so constipated that my son, who is studying veterinary medicine, would immediately give the owner of a horse with such colic the recipe for horse beef in cream sauce with onions. From the private sector there are countless suppliers of neat engines at decent prices who advertise it after three years at a […] Sea

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    The discovery

    Fred lives in a village somewhere along the A2. He's there "That man with those motorcycles." There was a phone call on a Saturday morning. An old lady and a less old lady stood at the door. Fred knows them. Mother and daughter. They live in the countryside. The mother once had an attack and […] Sea

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    The find: A Harley

    Dreaming away is of course wonderful under these drab gray skies. Dreaming about forgotten classics. Diluted collections. Hidden treasures… In Auto Motor Klassiek we are fortunate to be able to regularly report on such finds. And we now know a lot more to be there… But its keepers absolutely want to stay under the radar for the time being. But if […] Sea