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    Tricycles and dates - column

    About a year ago I met a vague acquaintance. I remembered him as somberly seeking. Towards a relationship. “I thought I should get a dog to meet nice women. Then I looked after their dogs for two weeks during vacation from friends. That beast pissed in the house and killed a cat. ” Sea

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    BSA Sunbeam and Triumph Tigress. A grumpy kitten

    Scooters were conceived as gender-neutral means of mass transport. Many Italian advertisements therefore featured beautiful young ladies. But there were also members of the standing-urinating kind who were scooterists. Rob Bakker and his fiancé, for example, went to Spain on a scooter. Sea

  • Golden Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Long Wheel Base from Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, the golden Rolls from Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Zsa Zsa Gabor (06-02-1917, Budapest / 18-12-2016, Los Angeles) was a Hungarian-American actress and 'social media phenomenon' (from the time when social media was still printed on newsprint). She started her career in Vienna and was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936. She was certainly not a stupid blonde, because in 1941 she emigrated to the States. […] Sea

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    Women and motorcycles

    Women and motorcycles That's a thing. Generally, members of the more pleasantly sculpted kind are not very fond of motorcycles. In a standard motorcycle suit you look like a muddy of potatoes in a bag, a helmet is the plague for your haircut and few motorcycles have enough storage space for the results […] Sea

  • Sexy leaflets

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated. Behind the Iron Curtain they also figured it out: “Sex Sells”. Well, in the net then. The approach behind that approach must have been global: The dork thinks he will get the girl when he buys the car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment. Whether marketers have ever calculated how much more car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment there are […] Sea


    The Sportsters. No 'pick-up engines'

    Of course, we never talk that way about the members of the kinder modeled sex. But there are tribes of double-tatted hard core Harley riders who see it all differently. Harley-Davidsons Sportsters were once intended to be fiercely sporty Triumph Bonnevilles to sweep the American roads. But like everything and everyone in The States, […] Sea

  • Liqui Moly_Kalender_2014.indd

    Old-fashioned sexist

    Back in the day, before the world became politically correct, there was one thing you could be sure of: The providers of car and motorcycle related things issued calendars featuring busty ladies. FOEI! This misogynistic behavior has been swept away by at least three emancipatory tsunamis. Fortunately! Now the centuries-old Liqui manufacturer has […] Sea

  • photo with BMW and babes

    Sex sells ...

    Who would ever have thought of such a serious brand as BMW? That it would allow itself to be tempted into something as basic as the approach of 'sex sells'

    And whether it worked? Sea