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  • Autobianchi Panorama 120B

    Autobianchi Panoramica. Small Italian rascal from Joop Piersma

    We all know the classic Fiat 500. The car has many qualities, such as its exceptional maneuverability, its low running costs and its durability. Fiat decided to develop a station wagon on the existing floor group and the mechanism. A performance for work and pleasure. In 1960 the Fiat 500 Giardiniera appeared, presented as […] Sea

  • A112

    The Autobianchi A112. From road planner to evergreen

    The Autobianchi A112 is presented on October 2, 1969. It marks an era in which the application of front-wheel drive and the creation of optimal space is increasingly prominent on the agenda of manufacturers. The Autobianchi A1, which originated from Giacosa's project X2 / 112, is a success. The Italian Supermini, in which Gandini also had a hand, will be seventeen […] Sea

  • A111

    The A111. The history of a special and rare Autobianchi

    Autobianchi A1969 was built between 1972 and 111. In contrast to the Primula and the A112, this model is less known. The A111 was a luxury mid-range sedan and it actually sprang from Project 123. That was created by mother Fiat to develop a middle class car. Project 123 was launched under the auspices of […] Sea

  • Fiat 127

    Fiat 127

    As early as 1947, Dante Giacosa, Fiat's genius head of the design department, had applied for patents for his invention, a car with a transverse front engine and gearbox. His close associate Carlo Salamano, chief test driver at that Italian car manufacturer, hated front-wheel drive cars and criticized every attempt to make something of it. Autobianchi […] Sea

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    Various exotic classics successfully auctioned by RM Sotheby's

    Last night RM Sotheby's auctioned a number of absolute top pieces at the Paris Salon Retromobile. Those in charge were able to greet excellent returns for some exclusive classic automobiles. The candidates were willing to dig deep into their pockets for a number of exotics. The lot list was provided with a number of beautiful classics. To give an impression: […] Sea