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    Living in France, exporting car

    It is an aside because we also include some younger cars here. Our approach is namely a Chevrolet Silverado of just under thirty years old. He is with an AMK reader and his partner to France. Sea

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    Jaguar Daimler Club Holland parts day in Druten

    A parts day at Jaguar and good weather. A great opportunity to spot old Jaguars and to find that one part that you were latent looking for. The parts day of the Jaguar Daimler club Holland now traditionally takes place in Druten. Last Sunday, members and enthusiasts from near and far came to […] Sea

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    Air conditioning: the silent killer?

    Air conditioning: the silent killer? We used to have 'ARKO': All Windows Can Open. The Thermador Car Cooler was an interim solution. But now a not insignificant part of the classic fleet has air conditioning and we can laugh at any temperature on the road. At least if the air conditioning is okay. And it often wants to be there […] Sea

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    Holidays. Like it was

    Vacation. The way it was. A gravy pan full of meatballs under the passenger seat. The foot space between the backrests and the rear seat seat was so packed with stuff that a kind of flat floor was created between the backrests. “Alpenkeuzer” folding trailers that were so challenging for a 1200 cc Beetle that mother and two children had to get out to the […] Sea

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Verkeerd afgelopen

    Those were childhood sins: The rims of a VW Beetle 'turn' to increase the track width. Install more fog lights and spotlights than the alternator and battery could supply. Installing multi-tone air horns without relays… Optimizing, changing and customizing cars has been done since the year. Sometimes the result can be beautiful. More often it is […] Sea

  • 1934, Oldsmobile

    What kind of car is this?

    It is somewhere between 1934-1838. The family is from Utrecht and that can be seen by the license plate.
    But what kind of car is it?
    Together with Andries we are curious about your answers Sea

  • Ghostbusters?


    Ghostbusters Of course you can also customize a classic. And there were also many cars in the past that derived their looks from their specific use. Sea

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    July photo competition

    The AMK photo competition has been in full swing for some time, but there is still plenty of room to participate.

    We are looking for great holiday snaps. And we don't mean just any nice holiday photo, but of course one that also includes your classic. Tell us where the photo was taken and mail it to or post it on the Auto Motor Klassiek Facebook page. Sea

  • Herge, Sunflower, 2CV

    The Sunflower Affair

    We have discussed this before: classic cars (and motorbikes) in comics. They can be sketchy or lovingly detailed.

    In the Tintin series, The Sunflower affair (L'Affaire Tournesol) was released as the eighteenth album in 1965. A new Dutch translation was published in 1984. Sea

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