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    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from 1965 at Catawiki

    An Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from the first series and from Italy itself. How real can you have it? This slender Italian thoroughbred can be found on the Catawiki website. Drive to Italy by train and return with the Alfa. How beautiful can a relationship start with a new classic? How beautiful can […] Sea

  • Jaguar Coupe 5.3l V12 front Catawiki

    Jaguar Coupe 5.3l V12 and other Jaguars at vintage car auction Catawiki

    At Catawiki, you can participate in an exclusive classic car auction until December 29. Part of the impressive range consists of Jaguars from a Dutch private collection. One of them is a 'ZGAN' Jaguar Coupe with 5.3l V12. Only 1269 LHD copies were built. After complete restoration, the multi-award-winning twelve-cylinder has driven only 1560 miles. […] Sea

  • Automobilia auction

    Automobilia auction in Ladenburg on 8 and 9 November

    Impressive is the collection of automobilia that will be auctioned on 8 and 9 November in Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz Ladenburg. With no fewer than 4168 - yes - lots, including numerous collector's items. Ideal as an addition to the collection, or as decoration for the garage or storage space of your classic car. Eugen Böhringer Very special about this is the legacy […] Sea

  • Lukewarm Ausma

    Lauwe Ausma sells his collection

    In the recent past, we once paid extensive attention to the unique collection of motorcycles, stationary motorcycles and toys from the old days that the now 71-year-old Lauwe Ausma has collected in his life. In that life he was among other things the man when it came to forklift trucks, but also overhauling engines. On the advice of the […] Sea

  • Porsche

    Very challenging Porsche projects in the auction

    Online auction house Classic Car Auctions is organizing a public online auction of classic Porsches until September 25, varying from driving extremely challenging project with a lot of potential to models in top condition. Taken in the auction The party takes place in the real world at a location in Breda. Some of the Porsches on offer would be a […] Sea

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    Triumph TR6 | For the good cause

    To govern is to look ahead, says the local bar owner in my hometown. And there is no way to get in between. Yet every year we let ourselves be overcome by, for example, summer or winter. We only buy winter tires when it is winter and therefore at the highest price. And we buy a boat when the […] Sea

  • Auctions

    Auctions and the value of classics

    Auctions and the value of classics. On television, we see that in America at classic auctions, bids above a million are just as easy as Big Macs are ordered. That has led many people to howl with the wolves, saying that classics have become priceless. Those people are wrong. Only masterpieces and […] Sea

  • Epic Auctions

    Epic Auctions organizes unique auction in November

    Those looking for a special classic would do well to keep the dates 17 and 18 November free in the agenda. Auction house Epic Auctions is organizing a high-profile auction, in which more than 300 beautiful historic vehicles go under the hammer. The auction house has been given the coveted commission to create a very special […] Sea

  • BMW 6 series

    BMW 6 series 633 CSi

    I call A about the sale of his classic. He has to sell it because of his return to Suriname. "For good!" he adds when I have him on the phone. "But the roads are too bad for this car, so I'm selling it." He appears to have bought the car 38 years ago when […] Sea

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    BCA youngtimer and special car auction, 7 November

    BCA organizes a large auction of young timers, special cars and even some classics on November 7. “The Dutch passenger car fleet is getting older. While in 2006 only about ten percent of all passenger cars were fifteen or older, ten years later that percentage has doubled to more than twenty percent, ”the auction house says. Men […] Sea

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