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  • A112

    The Autobianchi A112. From road planner to evergreen

    The Autobianchi A112 is presented on October 2, 1969. It marks an era in which the application of front-wheel drive and the creation of optimal space is increasingly prominent on the agenda of manufacturers. The Autobianchi A1, which originated from Giacosa's project X2 / 112, is a success. The Italian Supermini, in which Gandini also had a hand, will be seventeen […] Sea

  • Fiat 127

    The first generation of the Fiat 127. A success number

    Using existing technology and housing it in a new, contemporary and modern jacket. In fact, that was the starting point in the design of the Fiat 127, which is shown to the world in March 1971. This 112s Italian supermini sits on an enlarged platform of the equally popular 1969 AXNUMX. […] Sea