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    tinkering or 'tinkering'

    No matter how easy and cheap you can get (special) tools these days, sometimes you still have to improvise. We're a bit used to that here, but it's still done 'elsewhere'. That proved the way the Chang Jiang's front wheel was balanced. And that wasn't even easy. Sea

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    Head-and-butt cars

    I could not have imagined it still happened. But in a hall, where an acquaintance of mine had rented some square meters, I saw a 'head-and-butt car' in the making. An 'straightening bench' had been made on the ground with a few heavy profile beams. And on that, the blue front half of a 2015'er Jaguar XF was comfortably close to a white rear of such a Jag. Sea

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    Old men, new engines

    The ex-neighbor of two houses later came to visit his ex-wife. They are still on speaking terms. Kind of. In the context of his new relationship, Ex-Neighbor is completely the young God of a quarter of a century ago, both mentally and physically. At least: In the depths of his thoughts. Thanks to Willem Kloos (1859-1938). This manifests itself in gym attendance, trendy clothes and youthful behavior. Sea

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    A hate gray nature in a Daewoo

    On something as festive as Easter Monday, the most unlikely road users appear. A hate gray A lived, heavy classic sidecar combination, while driving, quickly weighs up to 500 kilos, evenly divided over three narrow tires. That gives peace of mind and self-confidence. Via the road from the right, which connects smoothly to my main road, I am stalked by a […] Sea

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    “We are not ashamed ...

    for older engines ”. That is the battle cry of Vincent's Motorhuis from Zoeterwoude. That company has been involved in… Yes, older motorcycles. We received this reflection on modern gasoline from a satisfied Vincent customer. And that Ton apparently owns Vincent's motor home? It will. We want those […] Sea

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