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  • Volkswagen T2 Westfalia motorhome

    Volkswagen T2 Westfalia camper. A guarantee for 'summer jitters'

    Summer jitters, everyone has their own feeling about it. They are in the air and with camper owners also in their stomach. Driving this attractive and charming Volkswagen T2 Westfalia motorhome makes every summer inspiring. A family from Hilversum who had a place at the campsite in Noard-East Fryslân, always notices that - wherever you go - the Volkswagen bus evokes a warm feeling. Sea

  • Volkswagen T2b Amescador

    Volkswagen T2b Amescador, original Dutch VW camper

    It's a name you'd rather associate with a Spanish hairdryer than a Volkswagen, let alone a typical Dutch camper. Yet this Volkswagen T2b Amescador is as Dutch as it gets, but you might have already understood that by seeing the dark blue license plate and the bright orange color… By: Paul […] Sea

  • Volkswagen Amescador

    Volkswagen Amescador

    There are plenty of Volkswagens T1, T2 and T3 converted into a camper van. In all colors, sizes and designs. Someone who was not very handy went to Westfalia. That became an expensive joke. The insight and commercial spirit of one of Messrs Ames, operators of one of the first Volkswagen agencies in the Netherlands, […] Sea

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    The Fridolin. Smart air-cooled postman from Volkswagen

    Volkswagen had been successful with the Transporter for several years in the commercial vehicle segment in the 1s. The T1964 sold very well. It was used for various purposes and within various industries. In 1 Volkswagen presented a special small transporter in addition to the multifunctional TXNUMX. The Fridolin saw the light of day and became the German synonym for small […] Sea

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    Volkswagen vans…

    "Bus will be like this" certainly no longer applies to the Volkswagen Bus pictured here (and also not to the bus behind it. "Split windows" and some adornments that don't Sea

  • volkswagen bus caravan

    Nice span

    Photographed for you in the Frisian Wolvega, Volkswagen bus with accompanying caravan. Ready for another relaxed holiday trip? Sea