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    Unique Porsche book

    Porsche has released the Porsche book 'Into the Frame'. In the Porsche book you will find the largest collection of classic Porsches and their owners you will probably ever encounter in a book. Last year, Porsche organized trips for the brand's classic cars. Classic in this case was understood to mean: models that were at least ten years […] Sea

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    What about Volkswagen's classic love?

    In the National Classic Survey 2016, we look at how the classic love of manufacturers and importers is doing. Today: Volkswagen. You can only be successful as a brand if you know where you come from and are proud of what you do. Where some brands are already very happy when they make it to the Louwman Museum […] Sea

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    Biography Gijs van Lennep has been published

    Yesterday the biography of Gijs van Lennep was published. The book could of course only be presented in one place: at Pon, between the Porsches. 'It's not a Porsche book,' says curator Mark Koense, 'but Gijs van Lennep's racing career is of course inextricably linked to Porsche. However, in the book you can also see the other cars […] Sea

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    1974. The VW Golf by Gijs van Lennep

    In the autumn of 1974, the first clouds of dust around the launch of the Beetle successor Golf were raised. Volkswagen's compact hatch has been well received by the press. Not only the design is praised. Especially the specific driving characteristics of the front-wheel drive VW are regularly praised. In the autumn of 1974, Gijs van Lennep was the […] Sea

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    Organization very satisfied with second edition Audi Tradition

    Nice weather, beautiful cars and motorcycles and a large number of visitors. These were the elements that made the second edition of the Audi Tradition event at the site of Audi importer Pon's Automobielhandel a great success. The biennial event was organized by the Dutch Audi importer in collaboration with the Dutch clubs that are united in […] Sea

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    Second edition Audi Tradition on 7 June in Leusden

    The Dutch Audi importer Pon's Automobielhandel and the Audi Club International Netherlands are joining forces again for the second episode of 'Audi Tradition'. On Sunday, June 7, there will be an extensive program on the grounds of Pon's Automobielhandel in Leusden from 11.00 am to 16.00 pm, focusing on the rich history of Audi and its predecessor brands […] Sea