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  • Opel B Kadett Caravan van Sjoerd 1973 1

    Opel B Kadett Caravan van Sjoerd (1973). Alive again 

    In 1973, Douwe Land purchased a new Opel Kadett Caravan for the careful and correct delivery of the packages he was transporting. Douwe Land could transport everything, long, wide, heavy, vulnerable and fresh. The Opel Kadett Caravan was the preferred means of transport for delivery in the region.  Sea

  • Volkswagen Beetle Type 11 A 1950 2

    Volkswagen Beetle (Type 11 A) (1950): Epie Kooistra's brown glasses.

    How can an international businessman who has been buying (and selling) wholesale lots for over 40 years escape the bustle of business life? If business is a lifestyle and business acumen is active 24 hours a day, is there still free time? Yes, because Epie still has a love for motorized treats from his childhood, and that influence is still felt. People who are attracted by the same (car) passion will understand.  Sea

  • Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982)

    Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982). The fire of joy for Jetse 

    A beautiful story of father and son with a healthy dose of car enthusiasts. In 2015 a Volkswagen Scirocco was found and the passion broke through to start a restoration job. It was the right thing to do, nothing could stop them, it felt good and they both let themselves be guided by a fantastic sense of pleasure. If you are enthusiastic, then nothing seems difficult, but it took at least 5 years of hard work to prepare the Volkswagen for a second life.  Sea

  • Opel Monza Coupe (1985)

    Opel Monza Coupe (1985). Infinite admiration for Opel 

    Pieter Visser has a surplus of passion for the German Opel, not for a few years, but for his entire life. How this came about is easy to explain. His father was completely preoccupied with Opel from his first Manta 16 S, which he bought at the dealer for 70 Dutch guilders in the 10.000s. After that, many would follow. The Opel experience has been taken over by Pieter with major consequences.  Sea

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    Ford Germany, the Taunus

    On October 1930, 1925, Henry Ford and Conrad Adenauer, then mayor of Cologne and later prime minister, became equally construction workers. They laid the foundation stone for the new Ford factory in - yes - Cologne. Ford was not new to Germany, but the Cologne location was. As early as XNUMX, T Fords and A Fords had been assembled in Berlin. Sea

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