Swallow Doretti

A special classic

By: the editors

The editorial staff of Auto Motor Klassiek are on the road a lot and therefore encounter everything. The same goes for the Swallow Doretti pictured here. A product from Swallow Coachbuilding, founded by William Lyons, the man who 'made' Jaguar.

Under the leadership of a new management, about 250 open sports cars were built in the XNUMXs, consisting of the mechanics - engine, gearbox, wheel suspension, instruments - of the Triumph TR2, however, with a beautifully lined aluminum body. One of those cars was bought by Peter Kirwan-Taylor who commissioned the famous London coachbuilder Williams & Pritchard in early 1956 to equip the car with a bodywork drawn by him - also aluminum. The aforementioned designer joined Lotus shortly afterwards and designed the Lotus Elite Type 14 there. The special car has recently surfaced again after it was found at a junkyard in the County of Kent. It is suspected that this final resting place had to do with a crash at the Brands Hatch circuit. The car has been out there for decades and it has not done it any good. Some time ago, this piece of British car history was resold by the then owner for £ 4.000. The new owner is now busy with the restoration ...

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