Stunningly beautiful Triumph Vitesse

Unbelievably beautiful and original Triumph Vitesse 6
Unbelievably beautiful and original Triumph Vitesse 6
On 25 in May 1962 saw the Triumph Vitesse the public light. The 'fast' version of the already immensely popular Herald. An attractive design by the Italian grandmaster Giovanni Michelotti, equipped with an 6 cylinder-in-line engine with a capacity of 1596 cc equipped with two downstream Solex B32PIH carburetors.

De Vitesse used almost all the Herald's sheet metal, but with a bonnet with four headlights, which as fast Chinese eye were mentioned. It is not hard to guess why ... The ultimate 2 doors for that time Sporting Saloon. The interior was thoroughly revised compared to the Herald. Wood at the top of the doors that matched the wooden dashboard, better-fitting seats and other door trim. As an accessory, one could also opt for a - large - linen sunroof, 'filling in' in a different color of the 'flash' on the flanks, which were also trimmed with a stainless steel strip. Chrome on the bumpers also made the carriage contrast with the Herald. In no time, the Vitesse was also immensely popular with the then motorist and they went over the counter from the dealers like hot cakes. A facelift model followed after a year, making the Vitesse Mk1 extremely rare today. The surviving examples have almost all undergone a restoration. Finding an unrestored, so completely original Vitesse Mk1 is therefore like looking for a needle in a haystack. Amazing, more stunningly beautiful is the one pictured here Triumph Vitesse that was delivered to the first owner on 2 July 1963. Given the delivery date one of the last primeval Vitesses before the facelift model came on the market. Never been restored and exactly as it came from the box at the dealer on the date mentioned. Extremely carefully driven and maintained and demonstrably almost 38.000 miles from new on the clock. Dolphin Gray with the flashes in Triumph White with red interior and a large sliding roof. The additional maintenance booklet indicates that the lady in question returned her new car after a month and less than 500 miles further for the first service. The first major service - 6.000 miles away - was performed three years later. When the car was five years old, there were 11.218 miles on the clock; on the 14e birthday - in 1977 - there were 26.053! Only in 2008 did this Vitesse pass to the second owner, who made the car running again. That means a new battery, new main and clutch pump, new seals and hoses in the brake system, new cooling water hoses, a new exhaust and new tires. The paintwork is still largely the way it left the factory almost half a century ago. Only once there was slight damage to one door. Support stroke on the bonnet is touched. Furthermore, completely original and absolutely unique to see one of the first Vitesses in such a state. The current owner, the second in 47 year, is forced to say goodbye to this museum piece for various reasons. Although he expects a higher yield, your scribe thinks he agrees with £ 7.000,00. And that is a bargain. Of course there is a British registration certificate and the car has a steering wheel on the right. We also know for sure that you will never find a more beautiful, but above all more original, item. If you are interested, count a cent - or your friendly bank manager 'talk' - please contact us. The seller wants absolutely no nagging at the door! Incidentally, just like us. The car is in Great Britain and will have to be picked up there.

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