Studebaker, Rover and Wolseley


A few years ago I was in Dorchester on Thames. I had reserved a hotel there and I was told that that hotel was once the location for an episode of Midsomer Murders. After some searching we found the hotel and after we had put the bags in the room there was time left. We wanted to sit outside.

We found the right place at The George, another hotel just down the street. With a delicious pint lower within reach, my afternoon could not go wrong. We enjoyed the nice old houses and occasionally some hotel guests came driving through the gate with a modern car. Suddenly another engine sound was heard and I watched with anticipation what was coming next: I couldn't believe my eyes: a small Wolseley 1500 in the striking color of gold drove past. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the end of the parking lot. I spoke to the owner and asked if I could take some pictures. The Wolseley was painted gold because it had become 50 last year. The owner himself became 50 in November and he also had a Studebaker from 1950. Full of enthusiasm he started to remove the sail from the car so that I could take pictures of it. He said there was a six-cylinder line engine with side valves. In addition, there was a Morris Minor with a sale sign on it. It was used in recent years as a shopping car, but now had to leave because it had too many cars. There was another car under the plastic and I was very curious what that was now. At my request, the sail was removed there too and I stood face to face with a Rover 2000 TC. He proudly said that the car had belonged to his father and had been saved from demolition.

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh,

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  1. Nice story and there are probably many.
    I once came by train from Italy and remembered that there is a Jaguar Dealer in Bamberg (beautiful town) who wanted to sell a Jaguar XJ6 type 3 from 1985 (with 115.000km) from consignment on behalf of a customer.
    I got off the train there and the next morning I stood next to the XJ6, to go short after a few hours
    I drove it home (without paying because it was okay !!) on an export license plate and a neat invoice in my inside pocket.
    Here in the Netherlands you cannot leave without paying after a small turn! I got a beautiful Jaguar from a completely unknown garage, even without a hand fee, and now enjoy!
    Carel Sarlet (Living in South Drente) “Drentenier”!

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