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AMK Sbarro Golf

A lot has changed in the car world. Improved. But the car world of the time where we are so charmed was and is more fun.
We talk about the time when adjustments to cars were not only electronic but actually only mechanical. And in one way or another that feels a lot "however".

The Golf XXL in the photos was such an adjustment. An adjustment where Günter Artz went completely loose. Artz - who always, but usually with moderate success - aimed at The Rich & Famous as a clientele, thought how nice a Wave with Porsche 928 technology would be. His battle cry was: “Can't, doesn't exist”.

Because the 928 technique simply did not fit a Golf, he molded a Golf XXL bodywork for his dream.

Only a few of those brutes were built. And one of them did quite a bit of damage during a slalom race.

The AMK issue of April contains the entire history of these greedy giant dwarfs.

VW Golfs have brought more people to brilliant ideas. The Swiss Sbarro, for example, made an 3 liter, 300 pk Turbo Golf.

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