Stainless steel heat shield MG MGB

Heat shield MG MGB
Stainless for Classics supplies heat shields for the MG MGB
A proper heat shield is essential on the engine of an MG MGB. That prevents the so-called vapor lock, the gasoline starts to boil and then the machine stops. In addition, the capacity of a BMC A-series, but also B-series and C-series engines dramatically decrease if the carburetors become (too) hot.

Thanks to today's fire water, gasoline does not only have to boil when you are stuck in traffic, but it can even happen when you are driving! The British company Stainless for Classics - telephone 0044-1773-860.479 - now supplies such plates of high-quality 1 millimeter thick polished stainless steel, suitable for the double SU carburetors of the type HS4, HIF44 and HS6. Even better than the original mounted plate. And not just because it contained asbestos at the time ... Such a picture costs £ 32,00 excluding shipping. If you call, keep your credit card ready because they will send the same day (at least if you call a little on time of course!)

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  1. That's an old photo of my car tasks from my website. I do not have a stainless steel heatshield installed and in fact it is obvious that the one in the photo is a tatty original equipment heatshield.

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