Special record attempt Guinness World Records Book

Record attempt for Guinness World Records Book

Almost everyone knows the record attempts that are made to be mentioned in the Guinness World Records Book. The book used to be called the Guinness Book of Records. On Thursday 30 August you can witness a special record attempt. Then they want to gather the longest procession of mourning cars in the world. And there are not only standard cars in between.

Just look at the beautiful vintage cars in the photo. These cars still get no rest but they are used for what they were built for. That is why they must defy weather and wind at all times. That is something different than all those restored specimens that then rarely come out and certainly not when there is rain or brine on the road. The cars in this photo were and are real workhorses and still serve as such. You don't see them often in traffic anymore and not at all with the three of them in a row. What kind of cars are they? First came a Traction Avant Corbillard driven by Johan van der Meer, the owner of the cars, followed by a Citroen DS Corbillard and finally a beautiful Daimler hearse. The record attempt starts at 15.00 p.m. at Theehuis' t Hooge Erf in Baarn. The 6-kilometer ride starts at 16.30 pm and heads towards Lage Vuursche. The finish is again at the Tea House. There, the cars are set up again and the certificates of the record attempt are issued. There is enough time to take pictures. Do you have a moving hearse yourself and would you like to join us? Then look up You will find all the information there.

Photo and text: Jacques van den Bergh,

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