Special (invention): Bedford QLD

When the British army came to the Continent in the war years, they used the Bedford QLD truck, a three-tonne truck, among other things. A powerhouse that had drive on all four wheels. The older readers will remember that very well. If you study the photo and then look at the front wheel hub, you will agree with us, it stands out pretty far. Why that was? Well, if the car got stuck in the unfortunate event, then a rope or cable was attached to it, the other end being attached to an 'anchor point', a tree, boulder, other vehicle. If the driver engaged a gear and then accelerated, the rope or cable turned around the protruding wheel hub and the truck pulled itself away. A very clever invention that is no longer used today ... The Bedford QLD was built between 1941 and 1945 in seven variants 52.247 times. After the war, many copies were converted for civilian use and helped with the reconstruction. Also in our country.

Photo: Look at the front wheel hub, a cable could wrap around it to make the Bedford run smoothly again

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