So weekers ...

Weekers, Bulgaria
What would the classic policy be like in Bulgaria?

The man who in his letter, see this section of yesterday, proudly and happily told us how he had saved Classic Driving from ruin and, in the process, had achieved the blow to a lot of smaller garage owners, can be just as proud of his policy towards Bulgarian co Europeans who came here to rob the treasury.

While in Bulgaria they have better weather and nicer beaches.

Weekers, Bulgaria
What would the classic policy be like in Bulgaria?

Just Google under 'Weekers and Bulgarians'


His officials reported that he knew about it. Mr. Weekers said no. The man said he hadn't cheated at the Chamber. When he had to answer, he sent a letter to the Chamber whose purpose can best be described as:

“Fransje can't come to sgool today because he's sick.

signs: fransje his Mother ”


Only a cautious conclusion is possible:


Our interests are represented



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