Shoes for the Jag adept. Made by Oliver Sweeney and Jaguar

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Jaguar and lifestyle clothing and shoe brand Oliver Sweeney work together. It has since resulted in a series of beautiful shoes. The Whitley and Sayer collection was launched last fall. And right now the Weslake's are the "formal driver shoes to have" for the Jaguar adept who wants to drive to an important appointment with his beautiful classic E-Type or modern F-Type. Striking: the names of the shoes refer - just like the Whitley and Sayer collection launched in the fall - to important Jaguar people from the brand history. 

The design of the shoes has been approached in the same way as the design of a new car model. First clay models were made, of which composite plastic preproduction samples were made using an 3D printing process. After approval of the designs, the preproduction specimens went to the Oliver Sweeney plant in Italy, where they serve as an example for the fully handmade end products.

The Whitley and Sayer collection presented last fall was one of the consequences of the collaboration between the shoe manufacturer and Jaguar. © Jaguar Land Rover
The Whitley and Sayer collection presented last fall was one of the consequences of the collaboration between the shoe manufacturer and Jaguar. © Jaguar Land Rover

Sturdy and curved sole for riding comfort
The Weslake shoes have a sturdy and rounded honeycomb sole for maximum riding comfort. The from the top of the shoe is elegant. According to the designers, the chamfered heel functions as a smooth pivot for perfect pedal operation. Furthermore, according to the makers, it is virtually impossible for the shoe to catch on the pedals, thanks to the very narrow edges of the sole, which, incidentally, derives its flexibility from the honeycomb construction.

Hand-stitched shoes with XJ as a source of inspiration
This slim formal Derby shoe- hand-stitched - is currently only in dark gray and finished with a beautiful black trim. Just like the previously published Whitley and Sayer collection, the Jaguar XJ designed by Ian Cullum served as a source of inspiration for these wannahaves for Jaguar adepts. Other fruits of the collaboration between Sweeney and Jaguar are also available through the Jaguar shop. Suede and leather (with carbon fiber topping) F-Type riders' shoes are striking additions to the brand experience.

Also price tag des Jaguars
Oliver Sweeney and Jaguar focus specifically on the Jaguar rider with these shoes and other lifestyle items. But we dare to say that these shoes are suitable for use in every car. The price tag is - regardless of brand and type of car in which you drive - at least des Jaguars. The prices vary between € 200 and € 350 per pair.

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