Rubber seals

Rubber seals. Those are important things. We saw during Het Loo, when it rained even harder and longer than now. During the sunny period we saw condensation on the inside of the windows of many of the cars on display.

That indicates moisture in the interior and it is a fairly obvious conclusion that the dampness came from outside. Yet?

This can be made difficult with very old rubber seals. Flaws come with age. The rubbers lose their flexibility, become dry or crack. And water is a nasty thin substance that secretly crawls between everything to appear in strange places.

Replacing rubber seals is not as easy as it seems. There are many different profiles, NOS (new old stock) may have lost its flexibility in the years of storage and 'reference' is often of lesser quality or fit. And the accuracy of assembly is also a nuisance with precision.

There are no miracle cures that make old rubber seals 'new'. In the automotive materials stores there are usually items available to 'puncture' the matter in time. But from a short wool wash with biotex in the washing machine, the rubbers often recover

In addition, the 'tight kitten' case is the ultimate weakness bid.

So if you suffer from leakage of window, door, roof or hood or coffee cover rubbers, go to a professional.

And in the meantime, place a moisture eater in your car.

Otherwise you will fall in the drip from the rain.

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  1. Good morning, my name is Fred Broekman. I recently got an Opel Corsa 1.2 2002 bj. This is an ex-fire truck, or at least part of a fire department. Now small holes have been drilled in the trunk and 9, 2 different sizes, logically I would like to close it, or to have it waterproof. you also deliver this to private individuals. It concerns rubbers with the top and bottom somewhat larger if the connection between them. Sizes / dimensions will follow. You also deliver to private individuals if they are in your assortment. Kind regards Fred Broekman

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