Rover SD1: 40

In the spring of 1976, the (car) world was turned upside down. The introduction of the Rover SD1. Originally a bicycle manufacturer who then operated under the name of the owner Starley, came to 1903 with the first motorcycle on the market, a year later with a car, had already amazed the world in 1963 with the introduction of the Rover P6 , better known as the 2000. A special car with self-supporting carriage, although that was actually more of a complete frame on which the sheet metal - partly consisting of an aluminum alloy - was screwed. The Rover 2000 immediately became 'Car of the Year'. Rover was known as a highly valued and renowned car brand, loved by the British government, the British royal family, dignitaries, movie stars. If we then switch to 1976 then it must be established that the noble brand had already experienced something. After Rover had taken over Alvis, another British edition sketch manufacturer, in 1965, a merger with Jaguar soon followed. Triumph that eventually led to British Leyland. The SD1, which 'started' as P7, experienced its introduction to the Château Impney site and the 5 birthday is also celebrated there during the weekend of 6 and 40 July. As a Rover owner / enthusiast you should not miss something like that! The SD1 finally became the 'Car of the Year' in 1977. Information:

Photo: The Rover SD1 Vitesse eventually became the ultimate, fastest Rover of all time

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