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Sunday, October 6, it seemed as if it had to be… it was still a beautiful summer day, and the day that more than seventy English classics came to De Rijp in beautiful North Holland for a ride of English classic cars. The organization consisted of a number of prominent members of various clubs.

Text: Wim Schaafsma, MGCC NH • Photos: Ton Landheer, Triumph TR Club NH

In the morning, the teams were welcomed to the large parking lot of Hotel De Rijperilanden in De Rijp while enjoying a real English Scone, jam shortbread and coffee / tea. A parking lot that was soon packed, but unfortunately not only with classics. Coincidentally, more than a hundred extra hotel rooms were booked last night by tourists who could no longer find a place in Amsterdam. And many of those tourists came with their car, which made it difficult for the classic owners to find a place in the parking lot. Eventually that worked and there was still plenty of time to admire each other's cars. And there were very special ones. Perhaps the most beautiful was one in perfect condition Triumph Gloria Straight Six Tourer. But also the Jensen FF, Jaguar XK, and the MG TD in its original condition turned out to be worth viewing Just like the other 10 Morgans, 5 Mini's, 8 Austin Healey's, 15 MG's, 3 Jaguars, 21 Triumphand handful of other brands.

In addition to paying attention to each other's cars, there was also a lot of attention from the crowds. They were informed by attention in local media.

Attention has been paid to the event in the local press and as a result many from the area also come to have a look. The regional TV channel MIX724 is also present. The recordings, from start to finish, can be seen on this channel. A DVD may also be made of it.

The ride finally started from 11:15 am. One by one, the participants left each other with a short break for the ride via De Rijp and Graft to Driehuizen, the northernmost point of the tour. Then via the Zaanstreek to Beverwijk and over the locks to IJmuiden. Along Driehuis and across the Kopje from Bloemendaal to Haarlem and Heemstede. At Zwaanshoek, the Haarlemmermeer was reached and from there it went past Hoofddorp and Rijsenhout to Schiphol-east, the final destination.

On the terrace of Wings, under the old control tower of Schiphol-East, the participants were offered a drink and they could talk about this beautiful ride, a successful initiative.

Next year there will be a second REEE edition on Sunday 5 October 2014. It will certainly not be an organization's fault. For further information you can contact Pim Amelsbeek email and mobile 06 28550438.

Members of other English car clubs who are interested can also register and request information.

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