Rizovari DX11. A 'Namegame'

Rizovari DX11. "What is in a name?" It was a common phenomenon in the early pleasure boats in the 16s: boats were given names built up from the first letters, woman, man and children. Abbreviation names were hot. Very briefly, the 2M7 was 'ZEF', which name stood for 'Sun And Holidays'. The XNUMXm Waterlander Cowiri was the family property of Cobi, Willem, Richard and Iris.

Rizovari Production Holland

In the Dutch car world there was the Rizovari DX11. Genetic inventor / technician Riny Assink was roughly named after his father Rinus. Rizovari therefore stood for Riny Son Van Rinus. And the Rizovari DX11 (read: Did I myself) was a creation that Riny was already at 17e made. Like many similar projects, it was a VW (Variant 1600) chassis with a self-designed body.

Very futuristic

That bodywork is also the best example of the slogan: 'There is no disputing taste'. But we can conclude mildly that the Rizovari with its gull-wing doors is at least separate. The Ford GT40-inspired FiberFab Bonito is a lot tastier in that regard. But the Rizovari DX11 was without a doubt very futuristic and its maker was already under the spell of what would become electronics. The windows were made of bronze-tinted laminated glass.

Fizzled out

Despite ambitious plans, the Riny Assink probably has not made two copies yet, a version with a long and one with a short nose. The long version is simply made. We have the photos in our archive. The short probably didn't even finish. The firstfruits were said not to have a standard Beetleblock, but had a Chevrolet Corvair six-cylinder boxer hanging on the butt. That transplant was done more often. In The States there were ready-made matching sets to make the marriage between the VW transmission and the GM boxer happy and stable. The beautiful American boxer six-spoke delivered 2,6 hp from 100 liters. And that was considerably more than the thick 50 hp from a 1500 cc Beetle block.

Other sources speak of a VW1600 block or Porsche 914 injector. It was stated that the car would be capable of power up to 300 hp. The proud manufacturer reported 'a central box girder chassis with welded bottom plate pieces'. So that was just a VW platform.

Who saves what ...

In our archives we found a few pieces of text cut from the weekly magazine 'Panorama', which would indicate that extensive contacts were made with Volkswagen to supply engines for the series production of Rizovari's. The approach was to make fifty first. In addition, the customer had a lot of say and the car including participation would cost almost NLG 40.000. At the end of the last century, the polyester body of a Rizovari with a 'short' nose apparently surfaced somewhere in the Amsterdam Port area when a demolition was cleared there. The indications were that the carriage had never been on wheels.

To be continued

In the meantime we have heard that Riny Assink is still approachable and we will try to find him. Because the few photos from our archive and the Panorama clippings have made us curious.

And where did that Rizovari DX11 with his short nose go?

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Another find: The Bonito. And it looks nice
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