Renault 16 TS (1968). Jaap's direct hit

Renault 16 TS 1968. Jaap's direct hit 1

Jaap loves Renault, the French voiture has already conquered his motorists' heart during his working years at the Renault dealer Rosier in Leeuwarden. Already at that time he thought it was an appearance with daring modern contours and we are talking about the 60s/70s. In principle, the Renault 16 TS has the same body as the normal 16, but is equipped with various improvements. All the extras as standard equipment showed a price tag of ƒ 9.995

By: Dirk de Jong

Jaap: “Extras are a heated rear window, the backrests are tub-shaped. On the bumper in front of the grill two rectangular spotlights, two-speed windshield wipers, a pedal for operating the windshield washer and map reading light. And what is of course even more important is the increase in engine power. This gave the Renault 16 TS a top speed of 163 km/h, while the standard 16 has a speed of 145 km/h. The braking system was therefore reinforced and equipped with a brake booster, in short, safe and above all more comfortable.”


Jaap: “At my employer, the Renault 16 was the executive car, with the 16 TX as the top model. The predecessor of the 16 TX was the Renault 16 TS with no less than 83 horsepower. My 16 TS is a very early version, signed in March 1968 in a burgundy-red color and what is very special: Unrestored. For me, this Renault 16 TS is a gem, also because of its own memories of that time.”

times gone by

Jaap: “I have owned the car for 25 years now. My search started in the south of France (Biarritz) where we stayed as a family with friends with whom we still have a warm contact. There was no internet yet, so we had to rely on local newspapers with the car range from the region. Finally, the car was found in Grenoble, exactly the color I was looking for, and more importantly: The TS version. It was now just a matter of getting the technology back in tip-top order and tackling the small rust spots.”

'Daily driver'

The car remained on a French registration number for the first time, which immediately gave nice reactions in the Netherlands. (Now that is no longer allowed.) The car was also used on long holiday trips to many countries within Europe, but a five-speed gearbox was fitted for comfort. Does this special Renault 16 TS only appeal in the Netherlands? Certainly not… In all countries; Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and of course France, Jaap received many praises for his possession. His last public appearance was at a concours d'elegance where his daughter Jolanda was behind the wheel. Special because as a baby of 1 year, she and her family were introduced to this special 'voiture' in the south of France. It is now a preserved copy. But Jaap can't wait to let go of the clutch again and experience the surprise of a spirited acceleration on our Dutch road. We visibly raise our thumbs at this story by Jaap.

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  1. Great article on the 16ts.
    I myself have a Renault 6 that is being worked on. I've been looking for a driver's seat with a full chassis for a while. Hard to find apparently. Ms. Rudic

  2. Great that there is still one in this original condition. Compliments! I've had them all., the TL, the TS, the TX. Drives like a king. To France with the Kip caravan behind it. Along the way, a poor Frenchman helped provide his overheated R16 with fresh cooling water. Refrigeration was not a strong point. You need a trick for venting. It gave us a nice dinner.

  3. Renault's answer to the Citroën ID/DS.
    We had a red TX, until it finally fell apart from misery and went to scrap.
    Very nice car.

  4. The Renault 16… Super car. It is incomprehensible that so few specimens can be seen in the summer with good weather.
    Center 16, the garage run by Alfred van der Gaast, an authority on Renault in IJmuiden. For a service or a gearbox for my Renault 12 estate from 1974, it is enjoying what he has there. I also see a lot of similarities in parts and logic from the Renault 16.
    I once got a 16 as a loaner car. The steering gear worked perfectly! Actually everything is fine and a nice travel car, I think.
    Really understands the enthusiasm for this iconic 16!
    Roel Dekker.

  5. Congratulations on such a beautiful specimen.
    I also owned a white R16 TS. Super car, with nice driving characteristics
    I've been driving Renault for 50 years and I think the R25 is the nicest car after the R16.
    Have fun with your R16 Jaap

  6. bought a used 1970TS automatique in Canada in 16, where I have to drive to America. .pv to install proven and old-fashioned American technology, things had to be done differently and the gearbox was electronically operated, ie with oil, etc., but there was far too much electricity on it. That broke of course. The first Ranault dealer I fished out of the book was one on the 610 ring road around Houston. The service manager there said in his best Texas accent, "git that dodo bird outtahere." Well a very long story with
    a lingering illness. As far as Zacapu Guatemala Renault dealers harassed. And then back in CDMX , ditto the Renault folks. In all fairness, during the bucket rebuild some vanes were installed inverted. In the end the Federales stopped me at San Luis Potosi because of invalid paperwork, and then gave the car a gift. I occasionally see him riding in the CDMX:

  7. I also used Renault 16 TS and TX in my driving school. In addition, I also had R8 and R10 as a reading car.
    The R16 drove me on LPG annually without problems, fantastic car. Because I was a Renault / Rosier sup-dealer, I sold a lot of Renault from R 4 to R 16 to my students. What Klaas also knows is that Rosier also sold Borgward, also a super car.

  8. I too have had one. Same color and also a TS. I have fond memories of it to this day. This Renault drives fantastic and when I close my eyes I still feel the beautiful driving. Every now and then I see one and get a little jealous of the owner.

  9. A very nice device. May send as a holiday car for a month. Totally top was, as a starting wage slave that there was an lpg tank in it where it also ran well. Can be filled up to 100%, which gave a nice effect with disconnection. Glad I never smoked, otherwise I wouldn't have my eyebrows/hair anymore. Also found the steering gear completely ok. This also provided a lot of space in the front. I don't really understand why steering gear has disappeared.

    • It will sound strange to you, but you can't light LPG with a lit cigarette. Also no natural gas. Insufficient ignition energy.

  10. Beautiful car! And completely original, great! Congrats.
    In any case, the Renault 16 is a great car of course. Extremely innovative, after the R4 pretty much the first hatchback with variable interior, excellent road holding and super comfortable. It was logical that he immediately became car of the year. Was in production from 1965 – 1980. A legendary icon!

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