Remove cylinder head

cylinder head
Removing the cylinder head is not always easy due to, for example, rust deposits. There is a solution.

As a self-tinker you occasionally run into a wall. For example, it may happen that the cylinder head of the engine in your classic car cannot be removed. Despite the fact that you are sure that you have really loosened and removed all bolts and nuts. This is due to the close fit and rust or a reaction between iron and aluminum. For example, with Alfa Romeos. In particular, do not proceed by hitting a screwdriver or chisel with considerable force between the head and the block. No, spray the tap bolts every hour with creeping oil, the so-called WD40 ultimately giving the best result! And being patient is a good thing. You will (eventually) succeed!

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  1. Pay attention to pull straight up if you have loose cylinder sleeves like Renault used a lot. Then you pull the bus along, causing the foot gasket to leak. The solution is to turn the head over the surface. Give it (on the side so) with a plastic hammer for example. Please note: this is only possible if there is a maximum of one pasbus in it!

  2. I also once had a cylinder head that could not be released. I once succeeded with a hammer with a malleable head made of soft metal. With this you can give a big slap to the head without it breaking. The head is, as it were, scared loose and you have no damage.

    • Hello, I worked at an alfaromeo garage, the cylinder heads were all stuck, the only way is when all cylinder heads bolts are loosened, plus the small bolts of 13 in the front, to remove the spark plugs at the first and the fourth cylinder turn a threaded rod into it, a thick plate resting on the cylinder head bolts with a hole in the middle through which the threaded rod protrudes, tighten a nut and then pull the cylinder head evenly like a tractor,
      Note that it could seriously stick to the motor boat. At the boxer engines, they went off automatically.
      Greetings paul

  3. for example, with wd40, after a week of injecting through the spark plug openings, I got a motor block that had been standing still for 19 for years. that engine only runs the oil more.
    conclusion wd40 and patience is the combination.

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