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The classic must be delivered flawlessly at every competition

It looks great, shining in the sun, your classic. You suddenly think, “Isn't it time for a competition d'elegance? Some tips that can lead to success.

Every visible part of the car must look good. Bodywork, interior, interior fenders, under the hood, under the boot lid. Doing everything at home, because that saves you a lot of time once you are set up in the arena. The exterior can be cleaned quickly with modern polishes, as well as cleaning the windows. Don't worry about the underside of the vehicle, that's not a problem with the competitions in which you participate. Jury members (generally) do not stoop ... Parts that are quickly forgotten are ashtrays on board, storage compartments and especially throw away the wrappers of the chocolate bars and so on that you purchased and refurbished after refueling. CDs, your GPS, road maps are also attributes that must also be neatly stored away in the classic. Jury members like to look at polished and shiny wheels ... they also like to lurk under the floor mats, at the 'cauliflowers' on the battery posts, the spare wheel and the floor of the trunk. Original instruction booklets, original on-board tools are also things that provide extra points. Realize that a possible success can lead to a new obsession, preparing your classic for the competition world. And then you can no longer drive undisturbed with it ...

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The classic must be delivered flawlessly at every competition

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