Popularity classics 40 year and older is still growing.

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Taxation with regard to car use in our country still has a major influence on the old and young timer market. It is no secret that sales of classic cars from 25 to 40 years old have fallen sharply in recent years as a result of tightened tax arrangements. VWE vehicle documentation and information listed a number of figures this week. The import of cars from 25 to 30 year has decreased since 2011 with 95%. By contrast, sales of classics from 40 years since 2011 have grown by more than 40%. Just like with new sales, Volkswagen occupies the highest position on the podium in this category, especially thanks to the still-loved Beetle.

Thanks to the Beetle, Volkswagen scored a number one position in the sales rankings for cars of 40 years and older. Image: Erik van Putten
Thanks to the Beetle, Volkswagen scored a number one position in the sales rankings for cars of 40 years and older. Image: Erik van Putten

Cars older than 25 years were particularly popular until 2011. As you know, the MRB exemption had a major influence on this. The changes to the old-timer scheme made in 2012 and 2014 did not, as is known, have any effect. The strong growth in sales up to and including 2011 has turned into a decline from 2012 onwards. Sales of classic cars from 25 to 30 year have declined by 2014% in both 2015 and 19 annually. The sales figures of cars in the age category from 30 to 40 year are also subject to a downward spiral.

Volkswagen leader in "40 year and older"

Cars of 40 years and older are still exempt from vehicle tax. Interest in these cars is still growing. In 2015, sales of these increased by 5%. In 2011, 9.855 passenger cars aged 40 and older were bought by consumers, compared to 2015 in 13.912; a growth of 41% over that period. Volkswagen is by far the best-selling brand among these cars, with the Beetle being the most common model. Chevrolet and Daf grew remarkably strongly last year, as did Austin. Also notable is a second Dutch brand in the Top 20: Nekaf. This is mainly the Nekaf Jeep, the version of the American army jeep built in the Netherlands. Mercedes-Benz also achieved a modest plus, while Volvo firmly held onto third place despite a slight drop in 2015. Remarkable: SAAB does not appear in the top 25 of sold passenger cars of 40 years and older.

The number of Austins sold in the category of 40 year and parents increased by 27%. Image: Erik van Putten
The number of Austins sold in the category of 40 years and older increased by 27%. Image: Erik van Putten

Import collapsed until 30 year
The same development can be seen with the import of classic cars as with sales. The import of cars from 25 to 30 years old decreased in 2015 with 13%. In 2011 no less than 14.754 were imported from such cars, in 2015 there were only 678, a decrease of 95%. Also in the age category 30 to 40 years old, the numbers are more than halved. At the same time, imports of cars from 40 years and older grew last year with 8% to 2.560 units. The fall in imports is mainly due to the discouragement policy with regard to previously exempt diesels.

Men's hobby
Buyers of these classic cars are mainly men between 46 and 55 years. Older people are also increasingly buying a classic; in 2015 the number of 65 people who bought such a car from the age of 40 increased by no less than 22%. Only 13% of these classics have a female owner.

The sales overview per brand, compiled by VWE Trendweb, can be found below . It concerns passenger cars with an age of 40 years and older.

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