Peugeot 504 Cabriolet (1971). Gjalt's miracle on wheels.

Peugeot 504 Convertible (1971)
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You tend to softly sing the French national anthem when you come face to face with this beautiful light blue and impressive Peugeot. After almost 50 years you can still see the power of the Pininfarina creation, you can rightly call it timeless. What a beautiful 'voiture' and what a design, what a streamline. The Peugeot 504 Cabriolet radiates power and speed. 

By: Dirk de jong 

Gjalt is active in daily life as an entrepreneur, which unfortunately sometimes means a shortage of free time. Still, he maintains the romance (or the adventure?) With his wife by going on vacation with his beloved classic in the summer, and taking short rides on free weekends. 

Peugeot un jour? Peugeot toujours? 

A holiday with a special car has something magical and provides unforgettable moments, such as the trip on the famous RN7 (the original route du soleil) to the South of France last July. Shocked, Gjalt thought that 'decline' had finally struck. The bad luck devil struck and so a halt and forced rest. It was now not Peugeot 'toujours'. Repair to the defective petrol injection was not possible in the short term and so the ANWB emergency services came to retrieve the oldtimer and the journey was continued with a 'contemporary' model Peugeot. 

Grilling a classic

This way you can be tossed back and forth from one day to the next between moments of bliss and unexpected adventure and the pleasant encounters with friendly 'Frenchmen'. Despite this temporary setback, it is of course mainly enjoyment, lots of attention on the road, just great on the road with a hobby car for it, that is luck of the classic possession.

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  1. Yes, the problem with the 504 Ti is after all these years often the belt that drives the pump (a kind of belt that was also used in the ILO moped blocks), and you cannot just see it for checking. Sometimes, at non-dealer companies, the cylinder head was lifted because the car started on 3, sometimes 2 cylinders after a few days of standstill. This was because the "delicate" plungers got stuck in the pump, loosening the side cover and cleaning the plungers with commander and of course fresh oil worked wonders. An unadjustable CO content with accompanying soot when accelerating strongly is usually caused by a torn membrane under the "dome" on top of the pump or a defect in "the barometer" against the bulkhead.

  2. I myself was also allowed to drive such a car once. At that time (1971) I worked as an 18 year old apprentice car mechanic at peugeot garage Nefkens in 's-Hertogenbosch. They had built a new garage and the stock of cars had to be driven to the new address. We were with several mechanics and I quickly jumped in this car, the ride was right through the city and had enough attention. I myself drove an ugly duck at that time so you can understand that I enjoyed myself and would prefer to ride up and down again.

  3. Busy restoring with exactly the same, also in this beautiful color blue-vert metallic with the only difference that mine is from 1972.
    For me one of the most beautiful models of that time. Perhaps the most beautiful.

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