OptiMotor: devilish stuff?

OptiMotor a devilish thing? Do we have to venture into it?
OptiMotor a devilish thing? Do we have to venture into it?

Fuel consumption is nowadays the magic word for every motorist and even motorcyclists. The usefulness of the addition OptiMotor the engine oil of a used engine was already confirmed after extensive tests by the German TÜV Thüringen. OptiMotor really works! On a tank with a capacity of 50 liters, approximately 5 liters of extra kilometers are saved. Before you start 'saving', you first have to invest a lot. Two bottles whose contents must be tipped into the engine oil cost 80 euros plus shipping. With that, 150.000 kilometers can be done. Despite changing the engine oil at such a distance several times? That has not become clear. This is because the product ensures less friction between the various engine components, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less wear and lower CO2 emissions. All in all, it would be an average car per refueling for 10 to 12 euros that you can keep in the cut… We do not believe in Sinterklaas (anymore), have not used the 'panacea' (yet) and therefore cannot comment on it judge. Further information: telephone 024-365.0847 or

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  1. Good afternoon,

    Thank you for the article about OptiMotor. I would like to invite the author to test OptiMotor. For this you can contact me via the specified e-mail address. We have very good results with regard to vintage cars, so be convinced.

    I'm going to see why the TUV certificates are not visible on the site. This is an error and will be resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for pointing this out and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Yours faithfully,

    Raymond de Witte

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