Only on the choke

Arend Jongkind is the lucky owner of an Austin Mini Metro from 1983. As he said "A perfect car with few kilometers on the clock and all the service had". That perfect drive was until recently. One evening he completely emptied the fuel tank and since then he has to use the choke not to stop the engine.

He thought of dirt from the tank that had entered the carburetor, then dismantled it, cleaned it and reassembled it. Unfortunately, the intended result did not materialize, he still has to pull the choke out to make progress. He asked the editors for help. Always so difficult from a distance and have some suggestions. Check that there is not a leak somewhere on the intake manifold, the brake booster hose, the gasket between the carburetor and the intake manifold, but also the intake manifold and cylinder head, because the mixture is probably too poor. And that can also be due to false air. It is of course also possible that the carburation is much too poor after your tinkering. Has the nozzle adjustment been checked? Consult the workshop manual for the correct adjustment! Is there enough oil in the so-called dashpot? You can fill with normal motor oil, but the SU oil intended for this is better. Filling up to the thread!

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