Antique car fair Eelde. Busy, colorful and atmospheric.

Last weekend, under the smoke of Groningen Airport, a great edition of the International Oldtimer Fair in Eelde took place. Completely in line with previous editions, the organization welcomed many visitors again. On Saturday or Sunday, they took the trouble to visit the classic feast of recognition in the north of Drenthe. Rightly so, because the Flowerdome in Eelde was a colorful, colorful and atmospheric whole.

Unique character underlined

The unique character of the fair was once again underlined in Eelde. This year, too, the supply per square meter had a high filling level. Rather said: numerous clubs, parts dealers, automotive providers and commercial specialists from the sector provided a richly filled palette within the Oldtimerbeurs Eelde. Visitors could visit the Flowerdome for numerous purposes, in which the various themes were neatly subdivided.

Beautiful transport and auxiliary vehicles

Immediately after the entrance, visitors could indulge in a fantastic collection of classic fire engines. That fact was not new in itself, but the beautiful auxiliary vehicle heritage was worth seeing again. In the next hall there were beautiful trucks and trucks from days gone by. In the competition state, the trucks clearly told their own story in terms of origin, and they reflected the relative simplicity in which the drivers were once allowed to do their work.

Colorful collection in central halls

The central halls subsequently displayed a varied collection of classic vehicles. Flanked by numerous industry-oriented activities, patina classics, budget classics and vintage cars displayed their feathers for the slightly larger fair. They told a lot about the charm of Eelde. No frills, but usually a lot of recognisability of the daily transport of the past, pleasantly varied by the dealers in parts and miniatures. The enthusiast of historic two-wheelers could also go to Eelde. Occasionally an exotic, but especially a lot of mopeds and motorcycles that used to make a substantial contribution to everyday traffic.

Clubs important for exhibition character

The clubs also contributed a lot to the character of the fair in the Flowerdome. MG Noord, the Morganclub and the club of Robber owners were present. The Volvo Classic Association was also present. It didn't stop there. From Opel to Ford-M, from the Oldtimer Vriendenclub Oost-Groningen to the DKW Club Nederland, from the various Fiat and air-cooled VW clubs to the representatives of Citroën and Alfa Romeo: they all made a wonderful journey back in time within a pleasant no-nonsense environment possible.

Well organized

That combination of no-nonsense and a richly colored palette formed exactly the right and well-classified ingredients. And talking about ingredients: the number of catering terraces was appealing again this year. The fair was well organized. It is more than justified that thousands of visitors took the time to pay a visit to the Flowerdome in Eelde.

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