Now cheap: the Jaguar XJ (1986-1994)

The agreement between Jaguars XJ of this generation, Citroëns BX, Alfasudjes and Lada already rusting in the brochure?

Everyone knew about hearing the most horrible stories about that car at birthdays and other festivities.

And that while of all those stories about all those cars but 1 thing was true: Sudjes rusted no good as they drove.

Meanwhile, it also applies to Jaguar XJ (1986-1994) that the number of people who appreciate it is starting to exceed the number of 'hearsay grumblers'. So it may just be that the Jags will soon have a completely different price tag.

So read in AMK number 2 about the Jaguar XJ (1986-1994), the car that was so much better than its reputation.

But in all fairness, we can state that the XJs gained at least part of their reputation because they suffered from ailments in the beginning. But didn't we all do that?

And you can safely take into consideration that being a member of the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland feels like a warm bath.

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