This coming Sunday: Auto Motor Classic Day

Auto Motor Classic Day

Photos: Bruno Costers

For the second time, we are organizing the Auto Motor Classic Day in collaboration with Classic Park Festival, a party where you are more than welcome as a classic or young timer enthusiast. Last year, a good weather forecast was lacking, but the weather turned out to be quite nice, but many visitors had already planned other activities. Nevertheless it became fun during the Auto Motor Classic Day and we hope to repeat that again this year. It will not be the weather, because the predictions are also good. Of course we would also like to see more classic engines, after all we are Auto {Motor} Classic. The special display in this edition focuses on classic cars and motorbikes of at least 25 years old. If you own a classic car or motorcycle yourself, or do you know someone with such a car, you can sign up for the special display for free. The first 30 registered participants with a car or motorcycle (car of 25 years and older) get free access to the festival. If the free tickets are sold out, you can buy a themed car ticket with a discount. This ticket costs € 5 for the car including driver in the online presale. AMK subscribers pay € 5 for a ticket (theme car including driver and guest). Regular tickets are of course more expensive and cheaper in advance than at the box office.

Live appraisal street 

Every two or three years, depending on your insurer, you must have your classic car appraised again. For an attractive rate you can have it done live on September 2 in Boxtel. Under the watchful eye of interested audiences of classic enthusiasts. You can register for the live appraisal street via

Private sales market

If you come to the festival on a ride with your oldtimer or youngtimer of at least 25, then you can offer it for free on the spot. For this you can reserve your place for free via Of course you have to buy a ticket. But all in all, where can you sell your car live for a mere five euros. 

Business booth or promotion place

During each festival of Classic Park, a pre-selected number of companies and individuals are given the opportunity to sell parts and 'automobilia'. Are you interested in a stand or sales location? Then contact the organization via

There is also a concours d'élegance during the Auto Motor Classic Day. There is music. For the children a bouncy castle, but they naturally prefer to watch cars (and motorbikes). The show paddock is not to be missed and of course the museum is also open and accessible. It will probably be a fun event again. We now not only go for good weather, but also beautiful forecasts. And of course we are also there with our stand, where you can renew or subscribe cheaply. Or just have a nice chat. More information via 

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