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Animal Salon, barberThe already very attractive village of Dieren, which is mainly known for its Giro, its strategic location between The Gallery 'and' Venema's Antiques and Classic Cars' and Dierense Gekra, has another 'main attraction'.

We noticed that when we drove through Oud Dieren to another highlight of the village: the ferry across the IJssel.

Kapsalon Ans on Kerkstraat now also has a Real Barber. Real Barbiers are totally hot in the Randstad and a Real Mannending.

In Dieren you can enjoy an extensive shave with the 'open knife'. A 'full treat' takes just under an hour. A matter of complete relaxation and surrender and an eye opener for men who have always wondered why their partners are so fond of visits to beauty salons.

Such a shave is a moment of peace and meditation. Top!

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