Mustang parade of 1.326 cars good for new world record

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On 7 September a new world record was set at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground in Belgian Limburg for the parade with the most number of copies of the Ford Mustang. The designated civil-law notary had no fewer than 1.326 Mustangs who formed a continuous driving column. The cars drove at a distance of less than 20 meters from each other. This drives the previous record of 960 vehicles in Toluca, Mexico out of the books.

A fitting tribute for the 55th birthday of the Ford Mustang, which was further highlighted by a flyover of the P51 Mustang fighter that gave its name to the iconic Ford model. In total, no less than 1.700 Mustangs registered to participate in the world record attempt. Despite the announced rain, the organizers were able to count on an excellent turnout.

Participants from all over Europe, with all generations

The field of participants included all generations of the legendary Ford, whose primordial Mustang was introduced in 1964. The Mustang owners also came from all over Europe with 746 vehicles from Belgium, 232 from Germany, 136 from the Netherlands, 75 from the United Kingdom, 68 from France, 53 from Luxembourg and some Swiss, Monegasken and Poland. They all went home with a certificate as a tangible reminder of breaking the world record.

Richly filled program in Lommel

To celebrate the 55th birthday of the Ford Mustang, not only was a successful world record attempt made. The 1.326 present cars also performed a choreography. Another highlight was the flyover of the P51 Mustang. That fighter plane took its name from the Ford Mustang. It was accompanied by the 'Belgian Red Devil' stunt team of the Belgian Air Force. Günther Neefs provided a musical interlude. He made a musical 'Roots 66' tour through the United States last year. His means of transport: the Ford Mustang.

Iacocca Memorial

A special moment was the memorial of Lee Iacocca, who died in July 2019. The 3.500 attendees pondered the demise of the spiritual father of the Ford Mustang, who made the car a great success. Henry Ford II was less charmed by Iacocca. The creator of the Mustang was sent out by Ford II with the words "I simply don't like you". That is also why the tribute for Iacocca was special.

Special location

The organization had chosen a special location for setting the new world record. That was the Ford Lommel Proving Ground in Belgian Limburg. The organization of the event made optimum use of the excellent infrastructure. An important place for Ford, because on these test sites all Fords destined for Europe are being tightened up in terms of sustainability, technology and driving dynamics.

Ford staff and Adelbert Engler very important

For the success of the entire operation and record attempt, the organization could count on the expertise and seriousness of the staff at Ford Lommel Proving Ground. More than 100 of them worked as volunteers to steer everything in the right direction. Adelbert Engler from The Mustang Garage played a very important role. With his immense network in Europe and elsewhere, he played a crucial role in the high number of participants.

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