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Multigrade engine oil

Engine oil, Practical, Oldtimers, Classics, Youngtimers
Engine oil, Practical, Oldtimers, Classics, Youngtimers
Reader Anthony Houtman has since understood that there are different types of motor oils. The indication can be found on the packaging. All this has to do with summer or winter use.

He asks how such an oil actually works. In the winter, when it is (rock) cold, the motor needs thinner oil that can be pressed directly and better over all moving parts by the oil pump, which gives less resistance. The thickness is indicated by the first number in for example 10 followed by the 'W' (from 'Winter'). In the summer - when it is hot - a thicker type of oil is needed because the winter oil then becomes too thin and the moving parts can no longer be optimally protected. This indicates the second number of, for example, 10W40. In the past, we are talking about 30, 40 years and longer ago, the oil had to be changed per winter or summer season, because then multigrade oil did not yet exist. The oil manufacturer has since added so-called viscosity modifiers which incorporates polymers that cause the oil to become thinner at lower temperatures. Despite that, we would go for 10W40 in the winter and 20W50 in the summer. Oil change must happen every 5.000 kilometer ... A book can be written about engine oil. As you promised earlier, we are busy making a good story about this lubricant. Coming!

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