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BMW E34 Touring: tax-friendly all-rounder
BMW E34 Touring: tax-friendly all-rounder

Until recently, the tax-friendly rider-with-family was looking for a Mercedes-Benz W124 Kombi. Functional, reliable and older than fifteen years. There were not many alternatives. The BMW E34 Touring has been a perfect alternative for a few years now.

The E34 Touring has barely been discovered as a young timer. The car that connects hobby, private and company when you drive it for business. Here and there you will find specialized companies in BMW that have one now and then. A pity, because the E 34 Touring is a dynamically driving estate with fine six-cylinder in-line engines that was built between 1992 and 1996. They are therefore excellent for business driving and the Bavarian reliability is also good, as witnessed by the copies with hefty 'Laufleistungen' that you run into every now and then.

The substitute for the (now considerably overpriced) W124 Kombi is in our eyes the BMW E34 Touring, and then preferably the 520i or the 525i equipped with a fine five-speed automatic transmission. It drives like a BMW, has the comfort of a Mercedes-Benz and the interior of a Chrysler Voyager. For the price of a W124 you have about two E34s, and they are usually richer with options sprinkled and in most cases equipped with a six-cylinder. Or a sedan for yourself and a Touring for the family. Everything is possible.

Rightly a Multi Purpose Youngtimer.

Chris de Raaf.

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