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The holidays are approaching, Sinterklaas - with the Piet of your choice - Christmas. We get it. It was only logical that we were approached by a PR lady who asked us if we would not make our opinion about the Mio MiVue 792, a dash cam with - honestly, honest - crazy features.


Many people make good use of such a dash-cam that films all situations on the road, accidents, scams, bizarre situations and 'eternal' fame on social media. But more things are playing for us. We just enjoy being on the road ... filming on the road. Maybe a nice ride with classic friends and record that. That's nice too ...

Extensive pallet functions

What can you do a lot with it. The dash cam has GPS, WiFi, G-force sensor and that combination provides all sorts of possible measurements. In this way, it is precisely recorded where you are, how your route runs, what your speed is - if you wish - you accelerate too fast or too slowly, you drive too close to your predecessor, your predecessor starts driving and you can therefore start driving. But also whether you are driving on the right lane, and not accidentally relocating to the neighbors who are heading the other way. Suddenly changing situations, such as crashing into something, rapid evasions are put in the emergency folder, which is handy in the event of accidents. The camera is equipped with a G-sensor, which monitors the G-forces on 3 axes and thus detects unusual situations. The movies in the emergency folder cannot be overwritten. Safety at its best ... but luckily you can just turn off most things.

Minus point

But there are also some negatives. What first comes to mind after unpacking the camera is that the power cable - although more than long enough - with a cigarette lighter plug, does not have, for example, one or more USB connections on top of the plug. At a time when the cigarette lighter is also often used for charging the phone, especially when navigating, that would be a lot more convenient.


The MiVue 792 dash-cam is equipped with a STARVIS ™ CMOS sensor, which sends the images super sharp to the memory card. He does this not only well during the day, but also in the evening and at night. In full HD and with 60 images per second (normally that is 30-40).

And also

The lens captures the images in an angle of view of 140 degrees, with which the oncoming traffic is also filmed. You can even download the current speed camera information every month (for life) via the website, which not only warns you about fixed speed cameras in countries where this is forbidden. You can transport the images directly to your mobile via WiFi.

The judgement

Making a judgment ... In the meantime, it may be clear that a dash-cam can be very useful in situations where damage is suffered, another party is scammed and various insurers also seem to be giving a discount on the premium when there is such a thing against the windshield is stuck. And if you go against it, then we think the MiVue that we have tried here is a great option. If only because of the extras, where a rear window camera can also be optionally connected.


You can order the dash cam at numerous web shops. For example with Coolblue. It costs € 179.

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