Mini Clubman Estate - Just picking up?

Mini Clubman Estate
Surrounded by nature, this Mini Clubman Estate has stood outside for decades

Looking at the pictures will also convince you that you will not make it with just 'tipping' at this Mini Clubman Estate. For decades, the car dating from 1973 has stood in a garden a good 15 kilometer away from Newmarket in the County of Suffolk. Enjoying his 'Old Day', surrounded by nature and enough moisture to speed up the rust process.

And then comes the moment that the property to which it belongs is sold. The garden is cleaned up and the Mini is 'released' again. Although you, as a fan, would not know where to begin restoration in this case, the owner of this heritage was so wise not to land the cart directly on the Oud IJzer bump, but to find a fan for it. "Open to offers" he cried, or "Make an offer". No, we were only interested in taking a number of photos. For the section 'Verkeerd Afgelopen'… There was still a wreck in the garden. From a Ford Cortina 1600 MkII, but it still had to be 'released' ...

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Surrounded by nature, this Mini Clubman Estate has stood outside for decades
Slowly but surely the cart collapsed like a house of cards
The bonnet still opened. In two parts that is. Below everything rust, rust and even more rust

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