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BMW clearance, parts at Van Houten in AMarum

BMW clearance, parts at Van Houten in AMarumWillem Wessels of Bureau Radix does not only 'do' and culture. He is also a classic aficionado who thinks along.

We received the following message from him:

BIZARRE BARN SALE on 30 December 2015!

Van Houten Motoren Marum then organizes a large BARN FIND SALE between 10.00-15.00 hours.

Van Houten simply has too much stock..some things can be sold. This sales day is therefore interesting for motorcycle enthusiasts in general and for BMW enthusiasts in particular.
The opportunity to meet and speak with other enthusiasts is a pleasant side effect.

BMW clearance, parts at Van Houten in AMarum
BMW clearance, parts at Van Houten in AMarum

Curious about the offer? Well now. There are engines and parts from various brands. The range mainly consists of a lot of BMW parts. Complete engines are also offered; from refurbishment to demolition, from old-timer to more modern. Can also be found; tools, advertising material, clothing, tires, helmets, enough suitcases, various tub material, a professional espresso machine, a BMW microfiche viewer, lift tables, work benches, gloves, windshields, frames ... and much more.
The necessary can be sold in the meantime, but no panic ... there is more than enough to admire.

Individuals can incidentally attempt to sell their own engine or parts via Van Houten Motoren during the barn sale. For a small commission, the contribution is offered for sale under supervision. Registration and delivery of engines and / or parts to be sold before 29 December!

Address / Information / registration:
Van Houten Motoren in Marum, 06-53145730 or

Sanding sale location: 27 December is listed on the site

Ah ... On some photos we also saw some Japanese middle class from the eighties or so. Nice to continue this long fall.

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